Prepare the job interview

A bit more about our selection process

You can apply online by uploading your CV. Either apply directly to the offer you are interested in or via our online contact form. If you are preselected, we can set up an interview at our premises or by skype. The objective is to get to know you and discuss your experiences and skills. After analysis to see if there´s a match with our team, we will send you our feedback and if we offer you the position... Welcome!


Tips for the job interview

There´s no trick: prepare, prepare and prepare.


About you

Have a look at your professional experience. What are the most outstanding aspects ? What have you learned? And how did it help you to move forward? Make sure you´re ready to speak about your experience and your achievements when we ask you about them. We will ask you about your priorities or any particular needs you may have.


About the position

Investigate everything related to the position. Make a list of the skills we are looking for and think of examples in your professional career where you developed them. Get ready to tell us about it and show us what a catch you are.


About us

Learn all you can about HTG Express. We want to hear that you are passionate about what we do and that you are really looking forward to joining the team. Get familiar with the industrial urgent transport business by reading our website and following us on social media. For our part, during the job interview we will explain what we can offer you.


About your future

Prepare a list of questions to ask us. This will help to know if the job is right for you and if HTG Express is right for what you want in the future. This is vital to making the right decision, should we offer you the position.


Meet us

We participate in job fairs:

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Sales representative

Sales representative