Profiles we are looking for

We are a connected structure


Customer-oriented roles

Although sometimes we publish job offers for all departments, there are two positions with direct contact with customers for which we are always looking for talents:

Traffic Operator

With great language skills, our Traffic team is fully devoted to understanding the transport needs of each customer and providing the best road or airfreight solutions.

What are we looking for?
Knowing how to listen and with a real desire to help others. Problem solving skills, attention to detail and agility in execution.

Sales Managers

As well as being fluent in English and in the language of your assigned region, in this role you assess customer needs and provide recommendations on HTG Express services as the expert in maintaining and expanding the portfolio of your assigned area.

What are we looking for?
As well as generating interest and knowing your specific market, we are looking for people with a positive approach who are perseverant in the prospection, presentation and closing of sales.


Employment opportunities may arise in any of our departments within our organization, here´s an overview of what it looks like.


Departments and Projects

To provide a first-class customer care, we are specialised by department. However they are connected, collaborating to manage transversal projects in order to drive innovation. We are committed to keeping intercommunication thriving between colleagues: any one of us may participate in working groups both for internal or external developments, thereby improving our skills as well as our interpersonal relationships. This keeps us motivated and up to date.

Supporting the teams that work directly with customers and partners, there are other departments such as IT, Organization, Finance, HR and Legal. They are equally important for the company to achieve its objectives and sometimes we also publish job offers for such roles.


Sales representative

Sales representative