Road transport

All of Europe, Morocco and Turkey within your reach

More than 1500 controlled vehicles and more than 7000 partners at your fingertips to transport your goods with urgent and/or safety requirements.


After more than 20 years developing express transport solutions between factories, warehouses, companies and industrial centres, we have learned to manage the key points of logistics in professional environments.

Thanks to our experience, you have the peace of mind that a committed team is looking for the most best solution for your transport, tracking 24/365 so that everything arrives perfectly at destination.

At HTG Express we remain connected throughout the entire transport. We are available to solve any situation that may arise, offering alternatives if necessary or being proactive to obtain the most beneficial solution for you.

Door to door transport
Tracking 24/365
Online information via MyHTG
Safe and guaranteed delivery
Personalised care all day long

Whatever the nature of your express transport, we have the perfect vehicle for you

With more than 7000 partners around the world, we look for the best solution for each transport.


Solutions adapted to your delivery times.

In HTG Express, we have many years experience working and developping the best urgent transport services for companies. That´s how we discovered that urgent deliveries can have very different delivery requirements:



Do you have an express transport in view?

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Premium express: speed and peace of mind united

When time is pressing in a project and we have to send some parts urgently to avoid any delays, I always resort to HTG Express and their road service (Premium and Flex).

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