On Board Courier

We accompany your very urgent or very delicate goods

For those goods that require exceptional tracking, an accompanied air freight service is available: a courier picks up your goods and delivers by hand, accompanying them all the way.


For situations requiring exceptional care or speed, the On Board courier (OBC) or accompanied cargo (hand carry) service is suitable for goods up to 30 kilos and for measurements smaller than those of a cabin suitcase (50 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm).

  • Our messengers are specialized this type of service with valid passports and visas as well as competent in many languages to be able to communicate in any country.
  • We handle customs either directly at the airport (if the value of the goods is less than €1000) or through our network of customs agents, if the value is higher.

Our OBC specialists can airlift cargo not just for a single shipment, but multiple shipments at a time, transporting goods from different types of industries. The goods will always be loaded in the first available airplane.

Door to door
Transport Tracking 24/24 and 365 days/year
Secure and
guaranteed deliveries
Personalised attention all day long


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China-Germany in less than 30 hours with our On Board Courier

A manufacturing issue arose in the company and I had to urgently get spare parts for a machine that had broken down and which had to go back to Production. It wasn´t very big, just a small box but coming from China and destination was Germany.

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