Our team

Professionals with many languages to listen with

HTG Express is made up of a group of multidisciplinary people that have specialized in industrial express transport. And although we are very good at what we do, we are much more.


What we value most

We are a team…

We see ourselves as a truly balanced company, and the data proves it!


In the company, we have the same number of women and men. And, of course, this gender equality also applies to managerial positions.

Average age

Almost 80% of us are between the ages of 35 and 55, which makes us a mature and experienced workforce.


Although we have grown a lot in recent years and have incorporated new hires, the average length of service is 5 years.


In our team we are proud to have 15 different nationalities. We can speak and attend to your needs fluently, in more than 12 languages.


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